Mittwoch, 22. Mai 2013

Electrocutango: "Adrenalina"

Tango from Norway? - Sverre Indris Joner, Electrocutango´s composer, pianist, programmer, arranger, and producer, can count on his band mates Mikael Augustsson (bandoneon), Odd Hannisdal (violin), Steinar Haugerud (double bass), and Antonio Torner (drums, pecussion) to create pieces of contemporary tangos which go beyond the boundaries of expectation how modern tangos should sound. “Adrenalina” for example is highly energetic and a fast milonga (for me, their best song) – albeit dancer will have their problems. “Agua mansa” is a slow grooving `shuffle´ tango suited to try some moves. With track #5 the songs are more club oriented than the previous ones, i.e., drum grooves and synth bass flavored with bandoneon and spoken verses by Julia Zenko in the hypnotic “Cambalache”.
However, even a great CD may include some tracks which bring me to use the skip button (i.e. “Cybertango”, a 3 minute strange soundscape, or “El tango del gringo”, an experimental track with nested voice effects). But this is definitely carping at a higher level when this 14 track CD, published in 2011 by Random Records, has so many attractive songs to offer. Listen to the great “Adrenalina”, “Vanguardia vieja”, "Recostado en la vidriera”, “Agua mansa”, and you know what I mean. 
The last track is an interesting surprise: Astor Piazzolla´s “Yo so Maria” sung by the amazing Julia Zenko, and arranged as a forward-pressing track with drum loops and sequencer. - Unexpected and great.   
Electrocutango are at their best when they start to groove; then they are pure fun, and it is difficult to sit stock-still.

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