Dienstag, 21. Mai 2013

Rarotango: "Vuelta"

Unfortunately the Italian project Rarotango has split. Their 2009 published CD “Vuelta” (Moltopop Records / Molto Recordings) can be regarded as the only electro tango signature Danilo Leonoro (electronica and arrangements) and Francesca Baroli (vocals and piano) have left.

The first song, Rarotango, starts with an attractive drum pattern and mild synthesizer fills, female vocals (in French language), bandoneon and violin, and sparkling piano licks. It opens the door to a rich bunch of 12 songs which inspire to dance, but are also interesting enough to listen with attention. It seems that several classical tangos are mixed with their own compositions, however, it is only Piazzolla´s "Vuelvo al sur" which is a `borrowed´ song. All songs work fine in their new `clothes´, none of them could be regarded as an unnecessary filler. 
From time to time a short sample of classical tango pieces shines up, and underlines that Rarotango was indeed a tango project and not one more less inspired electronica side job. “Valzer Ilusiòn” surpises with a wonderful alto saxophone, and the obligatory instruments (piano, some strings, bandoneon, and female vocals). One track I really like is “Africa”; starting very touching with childrens´ laughter, piano and (synthesizer) strings, female chorus vocals (now Italian language) and discreet male rap verses by Stefano "MarvelMex" Tasciotti. 

Overall: Electro tango at its best, no time to hurry. One of my favorite CDs of this genre.

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