Freitag, 24. Mai 2013

Etango: "Discoteca"

Etangō, an electro tango project from Osnabrück (Germany), have published their second CD, “Discoteca”. Most of the 15 songs were written and arranged by Arne Bense (electronica, programming) and Ingo Daus (guitar, programming). Together with Christiane Kumetat (violin) and Stefan Mertin (bandoneon) they present 15 dancefloor oriented tangos and milongas which fit to the wider genre of electro tango. For example, “Recuerdo Nuevo”, a `samba-milonga´ with various rhythmical breaks invites to dance; “El pulso”, a great grooving tango with funky guitar and heavy synthesizer pattern; “Pofeta”, a soul inspired tango dominated by electric guitar chords, enriched with synthesizer and mellow arching melodies of the violin. 
Yet, there are also wonderful atmospheric tangos such as “Desde el alma” with spoken lyrics by the German actress and singer Yvonne Werner-Mees; particularly this song attracts with interruptions of fascinating drum loops and heavy rhythmical sound effects. One of my favorites is “Me.Longa” with soul-ful guitar pattern and hiphop groove, violin, and again hypnotic lyrics (spoken and sung) by Yvonne Werner-Mees (could be more of this!). The evergreen “La Cumparsita” is the final song, in their version nearly a `new´ one. 
The order of songs follows a funny idea: Four blocks of tandas (three songs each) separated by three 30 seconds sound breaks (Cortinas): Ready to dance. 

Overall: If you have ears to listen and a body to move, you should give this CD a try. It is definitely worth it! Invite them for your milongas / neolongas! (

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