Montag, 20. Mai 2013

Narcotango: "Cuenco"

In 2013, Narcotango are back with their long awaited new CD Cuenco. Starting with “Olivia” and “Cachala” one notices very soon that the former label “electro tango” is too narrow. The new songs are an energetic fusion of modern tango with elements of jazz(rock) – both in song structure, melodic changes, and arrangement. Their wonderful atmospheric songs are still present, yet within the same song different facets may appear which makes it very attractive to listen. The musical skills of Fernando del Castillo (drums) and Mariano Castro (keyboard) to create complex pattern with fascinating details invite Carlos Libedinsky´s wonderful bandoneon and Marcello Toth´s fusion guitar to join, and these are one of their unique selling points. 
Since their 3rd CD Limanueva, the new line up is writing their songs together, and it seems they have gone beyond the dancers´ expectations to repeat exceptional standards such as “Otra luna” or “Solo por hoy” again and again. I love them for these old songs, yet Narcotango have continued to develop and change. For `audiophiles´, this `jazzy´ facet of Narcotango is exceptionally fascinating and worth it (for example the atmospheric “Mientras Tanto”, “Del otro lado” or “Un Tango Fuera De Lugar” with vocals of Rosana Laudani from Libedinsky´s project DOS) – and nevertheless, also the dancers are invited. I have seen them during their shown in Bonn in May 2013, and the audience was dancing with passion.
If you like tangos which have to offer more than some easy listening clichés, then you should give their new CD a try (Tademus producciones, Buenos Aires;

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