Freitag, 19. April 2019

Calavera Acid Tango: Calavera Acid Tango

The masterminds behind the electrotango formation Calavera Acid Tango are the producers Nicolás Dworniczak (piano and synths) and Pali Recanatini (bandoneon). They came together as an ensemble in San Telmo since 2015 to mix tango elements with electronic music styles (hip-hop, dubstep etc.). The songs are dance oriented and live by their sequencer pattern, common harmonic piano progressions and syncopated bandoneon motifs. The texture of the productions is modern and uses interesting effects one may expect in this genre. The music is produced to be consumed by the dancers, and obviously several like what they hear. However, I miss strong hook lines which makes it easier to remember the songs, I miss the Unexpected which makes me pause in amazement.  The music flows away without significant highs, which is ok for the milongas, but I prefer music which touches me emotionally. For me, their strongest track is “Ni una sola palabra de amor”, and I can listen to it again and again.

Samstag, 13. April 2019

Lilí Gardés: Acostumbrarse no es bueno

Electrotango is back with some fresh grooves and a charming singer. Most of the 11 dance tracks we hear on this 34 minute album were written by singer Lilí Gardés and her producer Osi Tejerina (musical director, programming and piano). The melodies are suited to sing along and the grooves invite the dancers to the dance floor. “Abrazame y bailemos” (by Lilí Gardés and Osi Tejerina) is a nice slow waltz with guitar by Nahuel Santos and bandoneon licks by Rubén Slonimsky. “Tormento” (written by Charlo / P. Ruiz) is a radio-compatible off-beat track which should attract also those who don´t care about tango at all. In fact, all of these songs are flavoured with bandoneon licks which bridge to the old tango tradition and are backed by modern grooves for today´s generation - and live by the ambivalence that they please several fractions of the dancers, even the old ones are invited. Nevertheless, “Ay Corazon” will be deleted from my song list as I am distracted by it´s pitchy chorus vocals. As starters I would recommend track #1 “Arrabal” with it´s cheerfully milonga-samba groove, and then track #2 "Acostumbrarse no es bueno" which is a great groove-oriented pop song with bandoneon solo - both are difficult to resist starting dancing.

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