Dienstag, 22. Mai 2018

Sexteto Cristal: Viento del note

The album “Viento del note” of Germany based Sexteto Cristal is in line with the sound of ‘golden age’ tangos. They follow the approved ‘orquesta tipica’ ingredients with two violins (played by Maja Hunziker and Rupert Dintinger), two bandoneons (Christian Gerber and Hendrik Lessmann), a piano (Pablo Woizinski) and a double bass (Rodolfo Paccapelo), and they invited Guillermo Rozenthuler as a singer who performs with contemplative charm and avoids all pathetic phrasings. The 13 songs (7 Tangos, 3 Valses, 2 Milongas and 1 Foxtrott) have all what is needed to please the milongueros: dramatic phrasings, emotional melody lines and accentuated rhythms.
Thank God, they have opted for a repertoire that is not yet completely drained, i.e., we hear old treasures such as “Viento norte” (1929) by Alfredo Eusebio Gobbi & Juan Carlos Suncho, “El adios” by Maruja Pacheco Huergoa & Virgilio San Clemente or the beautiful “Caricias” by Juan Martí & Alfredo Bigeschi (which I like most) or the lively “Flor de Montserrat” by Juan Santini & Vicente Planells del Campo.  With these songs they clearly focus on the dancers and recommend themselves as an attractive life ensemble. I see them playing in a grand café´s music hall or in an old music pavilion under a starry sky…  old fashioned, indeed, but wonderful.  

Artist´s website: http:/http://www.tangocristal.net/

Montag, 21. Mai 2018

ArgEnTango: Piazzolla, A true Story

ArgEnTango started as a project of renowned Romanian cellist Razvan Suma, Argentine singer Analia Selis and former Narcotango pianist Mariano Castro. Later on, bandoneonist Omar Massa from Argentina and classical violinist Rafael Butaru from Romania joined the project to play authentic tango, particularly from composer Astor Piazzolla. 
This album was recorded live at the Radio Romanian Radio Concert Hall. Of course, we all know most of the Piazzolla songs quite well (i.e., Milonga del Angel, Milonga de la anunciacion, Vuelvo al sur, Balada para un loca), and one may ask why a further recording is needed. The best reason is that the exquisite musicians play the Piazzolla compositions (plus one by Francisco de Caro) extremely sensitive and dynamically. Even the ‘evergreens’ unfold new facets and attract and again. At his time Astor Piazzolla had problems with the tango dancers, and they will surely have their problems with several of his compositions for concert hall today, too. Nevertheless, those who like music which speaks directly to the heart and soul are exactly right here.
Mariano Castro has written perfect arrangements for this wonderful ensemble. His variable piano play, Omar Massa´s emotional bandoneon, Rafael Butaru´s elegant violin, Razvan Suma´s great tone, and Analia Selis´ beautiful interpretations are what makes the difference come.

Artist´s Website: www.argentango.com.ar