Sonntag, 21. Mai 2017

Los Milonguitas: Los Milonguitas

The trio "Los Milonguitas" from Buenos Aires with pianist Pablo Murgier, bandoneonist Simone Tolomeo and bass player Alessio Menegolli aims to attract the dancers to “fill the milonga dancefloor”, as it is stated.  On this album they present their tangos within three tandas (in the style of D´Arienzo, Caló and Troilo) and three cortinas with recitations by grand dame of tango, Adriana Varela. For two bonus tracks the trio invited additional musicians (two violins and one bandoneon) which enhances their sound spectrum. Although one may assume that a trio is restricted in its expression, they use their abilities as trained musicians and versatile arrangers to dynamically explore the musical richness of the 13 (+ 3) compositions of this album with their instruments.
The trio´s interpretations of songs such as the 1941 tango Mariposita by Anselmo Aieta or the 1919 tango Inspiración by Peregrino Paulos, but also own songs such as Amelia or Milonga de la Torre by pianist Pablo Murgier or Elegante Sport by bandoneonist Simone Tolomeo impress by their fresh vibe and cheerfulness. 
For me, "Los Milonguitas” convince with a clear feeling of what dancers may expect. Their music is a prerequisite for a perfect milonga under a beautiful evening sky.