Montag, 7. September 2015

Ultratango: Alborada

Once upon a time, Ultratango started as an electronic music quintet from Buenos Aires which added tango flavors to their music, and had Sami Abadi with his violin and Julio Perez with his bandoneon on their side. Their danceable electronica versions of Astor Piazzolla´s songs and also their “Kryptonite” were quite exciting. Now, several years later, they are a trio (Leonardo Satragno – synthesizers, programming, bass; Gastón Satragno – synthesizers, programming, piano; Braulio D'Aguirre – drums), and had to decide which direction to take. Their new songs still range somewhere between trip hop, house, ambient, and pop, with a clear dominance of electronica sounds but without the sound of the “tango trademark” instrument, the bandoneon. Gastón Satragno said they intended to raise the stakes with this new record. Indeed, Ultratango might find a new audience beyond the traditional tango dancers with their specific expectations.
The 13 tracks of their new album (all composed by the Satragno brothers, one with Braulio D'Aguirre) are predominantly slow dance music for the clubs, and they create a relaxing atmosphere and a fine flow. To get an impression what the listener may expect, start with the attractive tracks “Avant Garde”, “Calida” and “Hiphope”, or the samba-milonga “Amorio (trio remix)”. Modern beats, simple piano pattern, and repetitive synthesizer licks, some special sound to discover here and there. These tracks don´t rely on a usual melodic development, they are definitely groove oriented. 
Are Ultratango´s songs typical tango? No, but several are suited to be played in alternative milongas, and you may dance to them in a tango style. - Be open to be surprised.

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