Donnerstag, 4. Februar 2016

San Telmo Lounge: Doble Imperfecto EP

Meanwhile the ensemble San Telmo Lounge from Buenos Aires has established its brand sound clearly identifiable by the tango fans. Their mastermind Martin Delgado (guitar, arranger and musical director) announces their 6th album Doble Imperfecto. To please their waiting fans, the group has decided to publish a 4-track preview EP with exclusive material. Because half of the 20 new songs will be with vocals, consequently the EP has two vocal tracks (i.e., the beautiful melodic “Karma Paris”, and the swinging “Indiferencia”) and two instrumentals (i.e., the bright “New York Freedom” with its haunting solo parts, and the accentuated milonga “Igor”).
The ensemble remains true to their principles to combine tango with jazz and (mild) rock elements, and thus to create a wonderful mélange which is attractive for dancers and also for the listeners-only. Kudos to Martin Delgado (guitar), Lucas Polichiso (piano), Maximiliano Natlutti (violin), Ariel Aguilar (bandoneón), Tutu Rufus (bass), Sebastián Mamet (drums) and Laura Cardini (vocals). What we will hear on this EP is definitely a very attractive promise that their new album is worth waiting for. 

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