Donnerstag, 4. Februar 2016

Tabaré Leyton: Charrúa

TabaréLeyton´s 15-track album “Charrúa” is a good blend of different music styles and atmospheres. Several songs have a nylon string guitar as the dominant instrument, others were interpreted with a classical rock ensemble. Some piano licks here and there, a violin and the bandoneon – and always the warm and characteristic voice of this outstanding singer from Montevideo, living in Paris (France).

Max Masri, producer-composer of the electrotango ensemble Tanghetto noticed the singer and produced his second album, too. Masri´s beautiful hymn “Montevideo” is definitely one of my favorite tracks (listen also to the elegant but much too short bandoneon solo, and you know what I mean).

Leyton attracts our attention also as good songwriter; five songs were written by him, one further with Max Masri. Leyton´s relaxed vals “Nada para ofrecer” has definitely something to offer.

The styles on this album range from rocking pop songs to classical folk oriented songs, and in-between the dancefloor suited “No va más” (performed with percussionist-composer-singer Ruben Rada from Montevideo and Tanghetto from Buenos Aires) and the classical tango “Arrabal Amargo” written by Carlos Gardel and Alfredo Le Pera. The rocking “Charrúa” was performed with the rock singer-guitar player Emiliano Brancciari and Masri´s Tangocrisis. A further, different facet is “Como siempre” which surprises with a great salsa feeling.

I can definitely recommend this album with its versatile facets of good music, and Tabaré Leyton as an outstanding and very relaxed singer (with dark sunglasses, of course).   

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