Samstag, 15. Mai 2021

Bandonegro & Martorell: Tangostoria

Six months after their trip to Buenos Aires, the Polish quartet Bandonegro (with bandoneon, violin, piano, and double bass) was obviously very inspired and they recorded 12 classical and nuevo tangos from the old masters (i.e., Troilo, Demare, Melfi, Salgán, Piazzolla). We all know these songs in their different versions, and we are nevertheless pleased when we hear them again: Old friends who come over for a short talk, a smile and a friendly reminder that we have shared so many wonderful moments. And we are happy when we meet them again – now accompanied by this outstanding ensemble who invited the wonderful singer Andrés Martorell to tell the old stories anew. Listen to their version of Lucio Demare´s “Malena” or Astor Piazzolla´s “Chiquilín de Bachín”: You are directly touched, taken into the dark night somewhere in Buenos Aires where life breathes in all its fullness: Wonderful and sad at the same time. But there is always hope in their music, which invites us to cry and laugh, and embrace us.

The five musicians are extraordinary, wonderful in tone and dynamics. Pure fun to listen what they are doing. For me, one of the best tango albums of the last years. Their passion and energy, the sophistication and richness of their interpretations leaves a deep impression. Wow. What more could we expect from these musicians?

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