Sonntag, 20. März 2016

Diana Zavalas: Tango Sentimental

This is not a classical tango album - rather it is a classical pianist from Romania playing classical tangos from Argentina. Most of these 12 songs have been recorded some more than several times (i.e., El choclo written by Ángel Villoldo; Desde el alma by Rosita Melo; Mano a mano  by Carlos Gardel and José Razzano; Milonga de mis amores by Pedro Laurenz). One may critically ask why we need one more interpretation of these standards. - Maybe we don´t need it, but Diana Zavalas definitely has something to offer!
She is a pianist classically trained at the Bucharest Conservatory and Birmingham Conservatoire. Not surprisingly she has won numerous awards, such as Ludlow Philharmonic Concerto Prize and Beethoven Piano Prize in Great Britain, Ginette Gaubert in France, Citta di Stresa in Italy, etc. It is quite obvious that Diana Zavalas has a deep feeling for sound and dynamics, and the selected Argentine tangos, milongas and valses benefit from her talent. You hear them differently, against your expectations and maybe against your personal preferences. Pure piano pieces, sometimes less than 2 minutes long, mostly around 3 minutes, reduced to their essentials. Be open to enjoy 31 relaxing and pleasant minutes with old friends coming as they are. Invite them to take a seat and let them surprise you.

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