Mittwoch, 16. November 2016

El Cachivache Quinteto: Tango Punk Vol. 1

The El Cachivache Quinteto, founded in 2008, steamroll us with 9 (historic) tango tracks full of overflowing vitality and temperament. Yet, you should avoid to look at their promotional photos or to take the album title 'tango punk' too literally. They play definitely danceable songs with a vital root in the tango tradition, and don´t vandalize the ‘heart of tango’ as one might otherwise expect. They love these old songs – and also have their own milonga where they often play as musicians or where they DJ.
Founders, musical directors and arrangers Vito Venturino (guitar and bass) and Pablo Montanelli (piano) invited Negro de La Fuente (bandoneon), Pacha Mendes (upright bass) and Nico Franco (violin) to join the team, and now their album “Tango Punk Vol. 1” is out - and it is definitely worth it. You seldom hear compositions from Rafael Iriarte, Carlos di Sarli, Edgardo Donato, Mario Canaro etc. with such a vivid enthusiasm. Maybe this is the ‘punk approach’ – don´t care about the expectations, have fun, enjoy the present moment, and wow the audience. The applause is on your side.     

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