Mittwoch, 17. Oktober 2018

El Muro Tango & Juan Villareal: Nostalgico

Juan Pablo de Lucca´s new project “El Muro Tango” consists of Norwegian violinist Karl Espegard, Norwegian bandoneonist Åsbjørg Ryeng, Argentine double bass player Sebastian Noya, and Argentine pianist and composer Juan Pablo De Lucca. As an exceptional icing they have Argentine singer Juan Villareal at their side; he is singing with charm and persuasive power.
The quintet´s music is mainly `traditionally` Argentine tango, with some mild blends of jazz. The European musicians fit quite well in this old black-and-white picture taken somewhere in Buenos Aires, and now hanging somewhere in Oslo, Norway. This is global and nostalgic in its best way, yes.
Among the 12 songs we hear Pugliese´s Recuerdo, Di Sarli´s Bahía Blanco, Demare/ Manzi´s Malena and Zitarrosa´s El Violín. With these beautiful songs it is difficult not to attract the audience. They are well known and still fresh in their new interpretation of this devoted ensemble.
For me, Zitarrosa´s El Violín (starting with guitar and violin) is a song so bitter-sweet - difficult to resist and not to melt away. Other songs are more vivid, and attract with dynamic crescendos and delays of pace.
When Juan Pablo says that their intention was to play the old tangos “so that you do not have a museum feel, but that you listen to a popular artistic expression that lives in the present”, one can fully confirm: Goal achieved, excellent!

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