Montag, 31. Dezember 2018

Altertango: Sie7e

The quartet Altertango had launched a test balloon with their 2017 EP Radiotango to see how the new song material will arrive. And here they are, 11 new songs: Dynamically and varied, with many surprising facets even in one and the same track (e.g. the CD´s first track “El Arrebato”). An exciting dynamic that works well. Also their second track, "La Sal, la Herida" written by Alejandro Guyot, impresses with a varied structure, two guest singers and a rap by Bruno Begueri.
What Pablo Conalbi (drums), Ezequiel Acosta (bandoneón), Gerardo Lucero (double-bass) and Elbi Olalla (piano) have to offer with their 2018 CD Sie7e is worth to be heard. They have invited many guest musicians, especially singers (Alejandro Guyot, Juan Pablo Fernández, Natalia Lagos, Alfredo Piro, Juan Saieg) – and they all fit well into the tango-jazz-rock sound spectrum that the quartet spreads. That´s the way contemporary tango pleases.
"Remolino De Recuerdos," written by Alejandro Guyot and Elbi Olalla (sung by great Alfredo Piro with Elbi Olalla), plays out all the strength of the ensemble: Drama, passion and playfulness that sweeps along.
"Fuega de Suerte," written by Juan Seren and Elbi Olalla (sung by irresistible Natalia Lagos) is certainly one of my favorite songs. But is that still tango? Hard to say – actually yes, but the ‘boundaries’ are badly strained. I like that the musicians try new territory and thus ventilate the contemporary tango well. Applause.
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