Donnerstag, 8. April 2021

Bandonegro: Hola Astor

A few months ago, a young man stood in front of my door and handed me the new CD from his ensemble Bandonegro: "Since we're playing in the area this evening, we brought it over right away." Wow. - The young Polish ensemble (bandoneon, violin, piano, double bass) has released its third CD with two guests from the Polish music scene (Dawid Kostka - electric guitar, Mateusz Brzostowski - drums). The musical level is outstanding and their joy of playing is difficult to ignore. They savor all the nuances of the 6 compositions by Astor Piazzolla and of the 5 songs written by their double bass player Marcin Antkowiak with passion. This is how contemporary tango should be: nothing more but pure fun.

The drummer, who interacts differently with the double bass player, brings the drive into pieces like “Fuga y Misteria”, and Jakub Czechowicz's violin and Michal Glowka's bandoneon bring the tender element that enriches the tasteful woven ‘canvas’ by piano and guitar. Piazzolla's “Soledad” is beautiful in every variant, here it is presented with great restraint. The dynamics of “Vayamos al Diablo” resemble a parkour ride, spurred on by the drums. The contrasting “Romance del Diablo” invites you to embrace the dance partner.

Their own compositions are not too obviously in the tradition of the Argentine bandoneon master. They have their own rhythmic and harmonic language, somewhere between contemporary tango and rock jazz. Their own songs have a natural beauty that never looks strained, but is logical and consistent. It is difficult to evade their ravishingly performed “Vislumbrar”. A great piece with a rocking, groovy pulse and beautiful melody that melts your heart.

I am already looking forward to more of their music, which will easily find its place in the scene. They got me on their side in no time at all.

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