Samstag, 1. Juni 2013

Otros Aires: "4"

Otros Aires´s 4th (regular) CD “4” published 2013 by Galileo Music Communication, continues what started in 2004. It is difficult to resist these tangos and milongas with their mixture of modern (hip-hop) grooves, `historic´ samples, Miguel di Genova´s vocal performance, Diego Ramos´s accented piano work, and Hugo Satorre´s empathetic bandoneon which connects with the tradition.
The 12 (+1) tracks show a variety of different facets, starting with “Big Man Dancing”, an energetic, straight forward groove oriented song, followed by the hip-hoping “Parfume de Mujer” with the congenial duet of Omar Mollo and Miguel di Genova. “Buenos Aires Va” is a very slow melancholic vals with lot of restrained passion, and a pleasing `jazzy´ arrangement (piano, bass, drums, bandoneon and vocals). This contrasts with “Raro - Versión Español / Siciliano”, a `funky´ milonga with additional rap vocals by Othello Man; further Angel Villoldo´s “El Porteñito”, a more traditional milonga with rhythmic scratches and piano licks, and Hugo Satorre´s bandoneon melodies which take turn with Joe Power´s harmonica lines. Also “Con Un Hachazo Al Costado”, a `samba-milonga´ which invites to dance, is an outstanding track among 12 others.
What about the “Big Man Dancing Remix” by Viví Pedraglio? The 8:39 min dance floor oriented version of the title track (originally 2:30 min) might be intended for a different target group. I can imagine that it works quite well in a club; however, it is not what keeps me attracted too long.
Lou Reed´s “Perfect day” works fine in its `tango-vals´ interpretation. Very touching!  
The bonus track “Los Vino – Movilo”, known from their 2008 live CD “Vivo en Otros Aires”, surprises with a `Balkan arrangement´ by the Chalga Band. This cultural exchange creates a very special feeling 
Overall: Otros Aires are still a warrant for catchy grooving songs which refer to the tango tradition, but add some fresh flavor. It is fascinating to see how Miguel di Genova´s talent to write `modern classics´ develops, and that the band is able to attract both dancers and listeners. (

P.S. The cover art work by Nick Wadley is again an outstanding eye-catcher!

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