Sonntag, 22. Juni 2014

Desorden Perfecto: "Desorden Perfecto"

I have listened to this music, which was already published 3 years before (2011), again and again, have lived with it, have compared it with other music in this neo tango genre - and came to a very simple answer: YES, I really like it, it us really worth it!
They have a good grooving rhythm section consisting of piano, contrabass, and drums, further a string quartet, and the obligatory bandoneon. Thus, we have the typical neo tango sound, flavored with some `modern´ grooves and samples. Particularly when comparing it with other projects within this genre, it is very clear that Desorden Perfecto has some really attractive and inspiring songs to offer - some are very energetic with a good feeling for timing and breaks, and others creating wonderful ambient atmospheres. And all  songs are `danceable´.
In charge for the `plus´ is Roberto Galbiati, composer, arranger (including grooves and samples), and piano player. Kudos to him.
You may start listening with “Evolucion” (from my side, their best track on this CD with mild hiphop groove and nice melodic structure), “Ojos Morenos”, “La Espera”, and of course “Desorden Perfecto“ (which seems to be a tribute to Gotan Project).  
Oh, by the way: Desorden Perfecto is from Turin (Torino, Italy), and not not from Buenos Aires…

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