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Paula Castignola: Un cielo de serenata

Sometimes, when you are filed up with too much exertive modern tango music with (seemingly) arbitrary melodic and harmonic progressions, and unexpected change of motifs, and you feel irritated and uneasy - than it might be a good idea to turn to some simple classical tangos which are merely beautiful. Nothing more - and nothing less.
Paula Castignola´s album “Un cielo de serenata” is such a candidate: A typical tango orchestra is simply doing a good job to accompany a singer with a warm and appealing voice singing classical tangos and some contemporary compositions, ranging from Francisco Canaro (1888-1964), Carlos Gardel(1890-1935), Anibal Troilo (1914-1975), Héctor Stamponi (1916-1997), AstorPiazzolla (1921-1992) to Eladia Blázquez (1931-2005) and Paula & Gustavo Castignola. 
As musicians we hear Cristian Zárate on piano, Juan Pablo Navarro on double and electric bass, Carlos Corrales on bandoneon, Pablo Agri and Raúl di Renzo on violins,  Benjamín Bru on viola, Diego Sánchez on violoncello, and in some songs Ricardo Lew on electric guitar and Hernan Corrales on drums.
Eladia Blázquez´s vals “Un cielo de serenata” is the opener, other classical tangos follow and entrap the listener and the dancers with a pleasant atmosphere. Carlos Corrales´ orchestral arrangements and Paula Castignola´s voice are dynamic and ifind their way to the listeners heart. Let´s call it music which suits.
“Brucia la terra”, written by the Italian composer Nino Rota (1911-1979) for the movie “The Godfather”, is a highlight of the album: a beautiful melody, a dynamic arrangement, and a sensitive  interpretation - warm-heartedly and touching. Also “Navidad Porteña” deserves attention because it was co-written by Paula Castignola and her father Gustavo, who transmitted his passion for tango music (and pasta) to his daughter. “Italian blood and passion for tango”, as the singer says.
Pedro Maffia´s “Cornetin” (from 1942) reveals a more light-footed site of Paula Castignola: accompanied by (funky) electric guitar, e-bass, drums, piano and bandoneon (and guest singer Emiliano Castignola), this milonga spreads high spirits. Also Alfredo Malerba´s salsa-milonga “Ropa Blanca” (from 1943), a further highlight of the album, surprises the dancers with a great grooving band (with slapping e-bass, drums, funky guitar licks, and jazzy piano lines): Difficult to resist.
All in all: If you prefer a good balance of lyrical and dynamic tangos which provide a pleasant and a bit nostalgic atmosphere, you may be perfect on Paula Castignoli´s side. 
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