Donnerstag, 6. Juli 2017

Orquesta Típica Randolfo: Orquesta Típica Randolfo

Orquesta Típica Randolfo is a septet from Montevideo, with Andrés Antúnez (piano), Sergio Astengo and Ramiro Hernández (bandoneones), Diego Revello and Emilio Sunhary (violines), Gisselle Fernández Laino (viola) and Juan Chilindrón (double-bass) as musicians. Their songs have a highly melancholic note, even the more lively ones, and this clearly highlights the inherent beauty of their selection of 11
tangos written by the old masters.
I like most their vivid interpretation of Pedro Maffia´s “Ventarrón” with its chaotic end, but also their slow-down version of Alfredo Gobbi´s “El andariego”. Armando Pontier´s “A los amigos” celebrates a heart-breaking melancholy which is difficult to resist. Having Raúl Garello´s “Verdenuevo” in their repertoire underlines their feeling for good songs; in fact it is a wonderful more-contemporary tango pearl among many others.
Their music is very suitable for a lazy afternoon at our favorite cafe. The melodies leave the listener in a pleasant blue mood, but pull them immediately out with dynamically eruptive phases. Even Osvaldo Ruggiero´s Bordoneo y 900” is in their version an ambivalent piece of music, starting like a slow driving locomotive, until it took up ride - and turning into a vivid milonga for only some seconds. This is enough of the candy.
Their music definitely has its beauty; it is like Cinderella waiting for her chance to be recognized. Take the time to wipe away the ashes and you will find a shining beauty.

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