Sonntag, 20. August 2017

Duo Por La Vida Tango: Esa noche de pasión

To publish an album as a duo, particularly a singer accompanied only by a piano, means that you are really convinced about what you are doing. Diego Hernan Gonzalez (piano) and Emiliano Kandico (vocals) recorded 13 well known songs by Piazzolla (i.e., Balada para un loco, Balada para mi muerte), Troilo (i.e., Che Bandoneón, La última curda), Stamponi (i.e., El último café, Flor de lino), and others in a live setting. Emiliano Kandico is a very passionate singer who interacts with the audience´s reactions. He interprets the poetry of the tango lyrics with high emotions and dramatic verve. In most cases this works fine, but in a few dramatic phrases his vocal control slips away -  and this diminishes at least my pleasure. In some songs the singer´s ‘location’ in the tonal room is too much in the back compared to the other songs, which is due the fact that they were recorded during three live sessions.
Despite these minor drawbacks, the duo presents good songs which work very fine in this highly reduced version. These songs, naked to the bones, are reanimated by the duo, and together with the emotionally involved audience they bring them back to this day´s life where they still touch our hearts. “Frente al mar” (written by Rodolfo Taboada and Mariano Mores) and “Chiquilin de Bachin” (written by Horacio Ferrer and Astor Piazzolla) are good examples. 
Pianist Diego Hernan Gonzalez is doing an excellent job and stands selflessly back to give Emiliano Kandico all the space he needs to unfold the songs, ranging from thoughtful sadness to cautious rebellion against adversities in life. 
I am sure this duo will find its audience among the dancers and tango aficionados. 

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