Dienstag, 26. April 2016

Otros Aires: Perfect tango

Waiting for a new Otros Aires album is always a difficult task. I think of all those all the well-known tracks, some associated with specific memories. I remember Miguel di Genova´s contagious cheerfulness during a life performance. – Then, I became aware that ten new songs are going to be released, and that I would have the chance to hear them very early. Wow. It is clear that I began with a positive bias. 
At the first, we hear the typical groove oriented Otros Aires songs with Miguel´s distinctive voice, Diego Ramos´s elegant piano, Martin Paladin´s drums, and two alternating bandoneon player, namely Matias Rubino and Ernesto Chino Molina. Musical director Miguel di Genova adds guitar flavor, and - of course - electronica effects.  
“Solo esta noche” charms the listener with the voice of Afghan-Irish singer-songwriter Meghan Kabir. This duet track was written by Megha Kabir, Fin Dow-Smith and Miguel di Genova. It definitely has something special. Also the Grace Jones cover “I´ve seen that face before”, the pop version of Piazzolla´s “Libertango”, is convincing in its own way. While the amazon´s version is subtley aggressive and more direct, the new version is very relaxed. All the others songs are written by Otros Aires´s mastermind, Miguel. They follow a proven and tested formulation - great grooves enriched with discreet electronica effects, a solid piano fundament, characteristic bandoneon lines, and basic melodies which lure the electro tango fans on the dance floor. “Amor o nada” is one of these tracks with a compelling hiphop beat. “Bailando sin paraiso” and “Perro Viejo” are tempting dancefloor seducer with addictive potential. 
The American poet and civil rights activist Maya Angelou is cited on the backcover: “Everything in the universe has rhythm, everything dances”. She knew “why the caged bird sings”, Otros Aires have opened the cage doors.

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