Sonntag, 17. April 2016

Tango Fusión: A los amigos

A chamber music quartet (i.e., Lothar Hensel, bandoneon; Dragan Radosavievich, violin; Ulf Borgwardt, violoncello; Oliver Potratz, double bass) and their friends are playing a selection of rather old, modern and also new tangos. Apart from the songs of Astor Piazzolla, Horacio Salgan, José Luis Padula, Armando Pontier and Nestor Marconi, for this project mastermind and arranger Lothar Hensel asked contemporary tango composers to contribute a characteristic song. Miguel Varvello (bandoneon), Jorge Retamoza (baritone saxophone), Ramiro Gallo (violin), Luis Borda (guitar), Saúl Cosentino (piano), and Andrés Gavaida (vocals, guitar) did agree and send sheet music which as the basis for the recording process of the quartet. Then they were invited as guest musicians for their songs, too. For Lothar Hensel´s song “Freunde y Amigos” we hear the quartet together with Ramiro Gallo, Luis Borda, Miguel Varvello and Jorge Retamoza - who recorded their audio tracks independently and send it to the musicians in Berlin who mixed them. That´s how modern live changes collaboration processes.
Be prepared that this chamber music fusion quartet surprises the listener with fascinating facets of contemporary tango music – even the bit older pieces of music come along with new and colored clothes made available by arranger Lothar Hensel.
Several of the new tracks are worth to recommend: “Un amigo en Berlin” by Jorge Retamoza with its dynamic melodic and rhythmic complexity, baritone saxophone accents and a `cool groove´ right in the middle, “Lautatro” by Ramiro Gallo with its sugar-sweet violin lines and a relaxed pulse of the double bass, “Hoja otoñal” by Andrés Gavaida with its picked violin and guitar arrangement, and a wonderful chorus sung by the composer with his warm and pleasant voice, “Controversia” by Miguel Varvello with atmospheric melodies brought forward by the disputing bandoneon, violin and cello, “Tango de los muertos” by Luis Borda with jazzy guitar voicings and a fascinating melody progression, “Carismático” by Saúl Cosentino with piano and bandoneon solos and wonderful melodies by violin and cello which invite to dance. 
For me, TangoFúsion´s album is among the outstanding productions within the last years: Dynamic virtuosity and bitter-sweet passion.

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