Sonntag, 10. April 2016

Asterillo: Tango de Ruptura

With their album Tango de Ruptura, the septet Astillero attracts our atention with modern (avantgard) tango with all its different and appealing facets: accentuated-dynamic arrangements, some clustered or other “strange” harmonies here and there, intermixed with elegiac melodies of violin and bandoneon. All songs were written by the Asterillo musicians, i.e. six by Julian Peralta, four by Patricio Bonfiglio, and one by Mariano González Calo.
You have all the different sides which makes this genre so attractive, i.e., the slow and cautious “Marfil”, the dynamic “Alas por la mitad” or “Villagrán”, or the fiery and energetic “Motobronco”. Moreover, you will find the perturbing “Capataz” with its shouting background choir in the chorus and Peyo Campoliete as a highly emotional singer. Osiris Rodriguez (Violin), Pablo Milrud (Cello), Patricio Bonfiglio and Mariano Gonzalez Calo (Bandoneón), Felix Arcangeli (Contrabass), Julian Peralta (Piano) and Peyo Campoliete (Vocals) have all the trumps on their side to impress the audience.
This ensemble surely will find its place somewhere between the tango nuevo scene and the typical tango orchestras. They are unique enough to be an essential part of the modern tango scene, and to go some steps beyond to expand the limits. I definitely would like to hear more from this fascinating ensemble.      

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