Dienstag, 10. Februar 2015

Derrotas Cadenas: Escucha el Ruido

The quartet Derrotas Cadenos was founded in 2009 by the composers Pablo Gignoli (bandoneon) and Bruno Giuntini (violin); later on Juan Pablo (piano), and Rodrigo Loos (double bass) joined the team. Their 2012 debut album is tango mostly in its experimental `nuevo´ style, and obviously the composers try to fathom the boundaries of the tango genre.
The starter “El Hambre Mata” is a disquietingly song which holds appeasing parts, but turns back to propellent rhythmic pattern... hunger kills. Also the energetic “Vanguardia vieja” has these quite phases, but 1:54 minutes are too short to ease the old vanguard´s mind. Thus, why not give the melancholic  “Solo” a try? Yet also this song has another face (and an accentuated pulse). This ambivalence of almost all songs is an efficient stylistic device which makes it attractive to listen.      
The 1:51 minute “Patada demente” starts with a `disharmonic´ rhythmical structure which later on allows a violin to shine through the sudden widening of tonal space, yet entraps in the chaotic rhythmic structures again. “Veneno” is one of the few songs which is primarily atmospheric with sad piano chords, blue violin and bandoneon lines, double bass solo played with bow… - and no one knows where the sun may start to shine as an antidote to this sad poison.
“Los sueños de roma” starts as an agitating sound chaos which turns to a highly reduced arrangement with legato melody lines: There might be beauty within, but we have to wait for its delivery – and it might be that it is all without any hope.   
This music score is most appropriate for the concert hall, and surely will challenge the dancers. It is definitely `true music´, not written to tell some beautiful lies about bright sunshine and blue skies above. Dealing with this album means to leave your own expectations and trust this excellent quartet.  

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