Sonntag, 21. Juni 2015

Tangothic: One last tango

Starting in 2004, Tangothic is out now with their 4th album. Times have changed, and they publish it as a download album, not as a CD. Maybe this is adequate for today´s audience, I don´t know. But what I do know is that the dancers will find a bunch of electrotango tracks with all the grooves and atmospheres they may expect from this genre, i.e., trip hop, dub, chillout, upbeat etc., combined with well-established bandoneon lines. Mariano Mattone and Adolfo Trepiana from Buenos Aires are the masterminds which come up with fresh tracks suited for modern milongas. Bandoneon, keyboard and drum samples are dominating, here and there some vocal samples (in Spanish, French and English language), and vocals of singer Gaby Oh! in two songs.
“Amore” is a slowly grooving track which attracts with a great atmosphere (inclusively string samples), and Gaby Oh! as a singer with English language lyrics. “Higher Ground” can be found on the other side of Tangothic´s spectrum, a milonga with a simple and catchy melodic structure, some breaks to come down and to prepare the next arc of (mild) suspense. “Carousel” invites as a samba-milonga to sweat. Similarly, the elegant “Colours” (again with vocal inputs of Gaby Oh!) has a good flow and is suited for the dance floors all over the world.
These songs (most around 4 min. long) are obviously written to attract the dancers to let go. They are perfect in that way, and Tangothic´s songs will surely find their way to the electrotango milongas all over. - For me, Tangothic is worth it.  

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