Mittwoch, 1. Juli 2015

Tanghetto – Hybrid Tango 2

The influential ensemble Tanghetto from Buenos Aires presents their new CD „Hybrid tango II“ which links to their influential 2004 album “Hybrid tango”. Again, pianist-producer-composer Max Masri and guitarist-composer Diego S. Velázquez offer a blended mix of melodic and textural tango music (with bandoneon and piano), electronica (with synthesizer and samples), pop (with electric guitars and drums), `chamber music´ (with violins and violoncello) etc. Not surprisingly, this album was nominated as “Best Tango Album” for the Latin Grammy.
Among several attractive and danceable songs, there are some outstanding tracks. For example the instrumental “El Miedo a la Libertad”. It has a slow pace, a fine melody, a diversified arrangement including strings, and thus generates a wonderful pleasant atmosphere. Completely different the straight-forward dancefloor suited track “Quien me quita lo bailado”; from time to time this is all what is needed to let go all that what distracts in daily life.    
Montevideo tango singer and composer Tabare Leyton impresses with vocal appearance in “No me ringo”, a vibrant song with a good melodic progression, and a strong chorus which calls for more. Later on the singer enchants us again with “Aires de Buenos Aires”. Max Masri is lead singer of Piazzolla´s “Vuelvo al Sur”; one more version of this evergreen, here with a simple and good groove.  
I would recommend to hear particularly the accentuated songs loud, their flow is much better! When Tanghetto is the DJ, “life is a dancefloor” – at least this evening

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