Donnerstag, 19. Dezember 2019

Sexteto Andiamo – Gira Gira

What a wonderful, old-fashioned (in its best sense) album! Sexteto Andiamo spreads a great cafe-house atmosphere, where my heart rises: A warm, nostalgic sound is rolled out and there is no chance to resist. Their music is dominated by the typical sound of two bandoneons (Stine Engen and Anderson Perea da Silva), two violins (Santiago Zamboni and Gonzalo Lesta), piano (Mariano Flores González) and double-bass (Luigi Coviello).
The ten compositions with the mostly simple and elated melodies are all danceable, and surely will bring the milongueros and milongueras to the dance floor wherever they may play. The ensemble´s  arrangements of old tangos (by Francisco Canaro, Miguel Caló, Lalo Scaliese, Enrique Santos Discèpolo etc.), and new own songs (by their musical director Luigi Coviello) rely on the dynamic change of beautiful melody arches and rhythmically accentuated passages which makes it interesting to dance. Coviello´s Gira Gira is an irresistible vals, simple and rousing. Who intends to leave the dance floor too early, has no heart.
Twenty-five minutes later the album is over. Nevertheless, what we hear is a clear recommendation for a young ensemble that is worth paying attention to.

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  1. I share your enthusiasm for this sexteto! I love their arrangements, truly original and yet still very much danceable. Indeed, I think it's one of few Argentinian bands that are bringing something new to the dance floor.
    -Tomas Kohl

    PS I am logged into my Google Account but BlogSpot has me post under /dev/null - maybe you want to look into that?