Samstag, 21. Dezember 2019

Otros Aires - Ratos Luz

After 15 years, the new album Ratos Luz seems like a setting up how to proceed with Otros Aires. They are back with a slightly new sound - not too much to distract their old fans. For their 2019 album, Diego Ramos (Piano), Martin Paladino (Drums) and Miguel Di Genova (Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Acoustic Bass, Electronic sequence) and their guest musicians Hugo Satorre (Bandoneon) and Mariano Heller (Spanish Guitars) have recorded 9 songs (several new and some old ones) with new acoustic arrangements. I like the combination of Spanish and acoustic guitars with the relaxed grooves, but also the piano and bandoneon dominated songs, all with Miguel´s characteristic voice.
In “Sin Rumbo” Miguel plays a very present acoustic bass, which gives the song a good drive. It is difficult to decide which version is better, the 2004 or the 2019 version. The primary version was more straight-forward and included the D´Arienzo Orchestra samples, which was a great gimmick when they started their story. “La Vi Sentada Ah°” is a new song with Spanish and acoustic guitars, and a nice vals melody. Also “Ese Beso” includes Spanish guitar phrases, which contrast with mild synthy-bass sequences, simple drum pattern, and keyboard harmonies. With the sound of a Spanish guitar Otros Aires are definitely different. Their 2013 hit “Perfume de Mujer” grooves wonderfully in this new acoustic version and irresistibly invites to dance. The bandoneon solo parts of Hugo Satorre are tastefully played. This version is very attractive! For me, the album includes a new hit, “Tristeza Monocromo”, again with blends of Spanish guitars and fine groove. Is it tango? – Why not!
All in all, the acoustic version of Otros Airs grooves well and is an exciting mix of old, borrowed and new. For me this new version works quite fine and Otros Aires again underline that they are still one of the exciting flagships of NeoTango.

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