Sonntag, 22. Dezember 2019

Orquesta Típica Misteriosa Buenos Aires - HOY Misteriosa

Again the OrquestaTípica Misteriosa Buenos Aires has recorded some tangos and valses of the “Golden Age” (now their fourth album since 2008), among them classical evergreens such as Bahía blanca, Hasta siempre amor, Historia de un amor, Vida mía, Invierno etc. One may argue that there is no need to record these tango evergreens again and again, because we have heard them in several thousand variant versions. However, when an ensemble indents to play tango music for modern dancers all over the world, it is always a good option to please the dancers´ expectations on a high level. The rich sound of their outstanding ensemble involves the typical instrumentation: 3 bandoneons and 3 violins, double-bass and piano (played by their musical director Javier Arias) - and in several songs their wonderful singer Eliana Sosa. Javier Arias´ arrangements underline what the primary composers intended (with some own suggestions), and they altogether revive the sound of the “Golden Age” orchestras for today´s audience. For their sound, they propose with a wink “la nueva epoca de oro del tango”. Personally, I like their warm sound and their precise and well-balanced interpretations, and I can listen to my favorites with great pleasure again and again. They are definitely worth it!

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