Freitag, 20. Dezember 2019

Orquesta Atípica Tangorra - Tangopolis

Orquesta Atípica Tangorra is a fascinating ensemble on the cross-roads of Electrotango and NeoTango which combines electronica with contemporary tango elements. We hear Mikele Borra (bandoneon), Fran Borra (bass guitar, programming and samples), Alan Puyol (piano), Pato Nieto (drums & percussion), and Paula Maciel (vocals in 5 songs), and further Ricardo Schnidrig (synth bass), Joaquin Apesteguía (guitars) and Franco Luciani (harmonica in some songs. Often synthesizer or e-bass pattern lay a solid ground for syncopated piano licks and the development of the melodic structures. The bandoneon is not simply the counter part of the vocals, but an essential and independent instrument that gives colors to the 10 songs of this album. These were written by Francisco Borra, often with his brother Mikele, skilled songwriters with a good taste for atmosphere. We hear a rich selection of different tracks, understated electronica enriched songs with simple bandoneon pattern (i.e., Tangópolis), samba-esce tangos (i.e., Milonguera), but also the slow and tasteful ones (i.e., Tormenta, Escencia). I am particularly touched by Escencia and Milonguero, which can easily make it to the clubs, but will also convince the listeners-only audience. I  like their way of allowing the songs to develop slowly and thus drawing the listeners to their side. Not all tracks are equally strong (i.e., Pescador), but this does not affect the pleasure to listen. For alternative dance clubs Orquesta Atípica Tangorra surely is an exciting ensemble to invite. 

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During June and July 2020 they will be in Europe again, participating in the Festivals of Köln and Bonn, Neotango rave Bremen, among others.

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